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Oxygen Botanical Products (Totally Unique and Totally Canadian)
A team of bio molecular scientists discovered how to suspend pure, unadulterated oxygen into a skin care line.

The result?
Oxygen Botanicals™, a water based line of products that is ideal for oily, sensitive, post treated and aging skin types as well as those are prone to hyper-pigmentation.
Oxygen botanicals does not rely on chemicals, hydrogen peroxide or any synthetic ingredient that encourages free radicals.
Oxygen Botanicals™ is the only professional skincare line in the world that is infused with pure oxygen and that can help rejuvenate the skin in up to 30 days.
Experience a new breakthrough in skincare that will give you immediate results.

-Rebirths and promotes healthy skin , gives instant results
-Offers multiple skin solutions
-Responds to the ever-growing need to nourish sensitive or post op skin

Why are we different?
1) Oxygen Botanicals™ does not need to rely on chemicals, hydrogen peroxide that encourages free radicals.
2) All products are infused with pure oxygen. It’s a “solution specific” complete range that will suit almost all skin types.
3) Oxygen Botanicals™ is clinically proven to rebirth your DNA in 30 days.
4) The products was created to unswear all skin health concerned.
5) Oxygen Botanicals™ is as good as feeding your skin its daily vitamins.
6) The line responds to your customers’ demands for a range that responds to the chemical and invasive procedures.
7) All of the products are packaged with recyclable materials that are kind to the environment

Why should you believe us?
-New Bio-Enviro’ technology is a new breakthrough technology which uses catezome structures to suspend Pure Oxygen, a process so time consuming and costly that it has not been duplicated.
-It uses TIME RELEASE technology: Twelve different sizes of catezomes disperse into the skin approximately every 40 minutes.
-Our bodies are primarily made up of water & oxygen.
-It has been tried and tested by scientists, doctors and estheticians.
-When used in conjunction with the O2 machine, oxygen levels can reach up to 100%.